Low Cost Accommodations In Uganda Near Entebbe Airport

Uganda is one of the countries that have toiled so much to develop the tourism industry in the subsequent years. This has been achieved by putting up services that can really facilitate the inflow of tourists into the country. Among these services are the accommodations that have really been elevated in order to cater for the influx of the visitors. These accommodations take the three forms of budget accommodations-those that are meant for low income earners who cannot manage the high end accommodations, midrange or economy which caters for the moderate visitors who do not want to occupy the lowly rated budget accommodations and cannot manage the up market status as well as the luxury accommodations which are for the high end people who want to leave extravagantly.

If you’ve got more time than money, there’s no better way to see Uganda than to backpack your way around its many offerings: spectacular beauty, mosaic of cultures, incredible value for money, massive adventure potential – and an undeniable penchant for partying!

First of all go out and buy a travel book on Uganda. If you’re an ardent mountain climber, you would definitely need to know where most f the mountain climbers want to go such that you don’t go elsewhere and miss out on the main course. If you’re a birder, you’d like to know where to find the elusive blue swallow long before you hit these shores. And if you like to drink a lager at sunset with the best bathing in the southern hemisphere at your feet, it’s nice to know about Lookout Beach in advance, right?

You’ll want something like Brandt and particularly about Uganda to get you started. And when you pass the Africa shelf at your local bookstore, you might want to flip through the array of coffee table publications on the country. Then check out Uganda tourism board website (www.ugandatourismboard.co.ug) for whatever you would like to know about Uganda and what it can really offer to you.

If you’ve got a fantasy about riding around Uganda on the end of your thumb, go for it. This is a hitch-hiker country. Uganda is not the kind of place where, if you know what to do and where to go, you’ll never experience a finer trip. But it’s not advisable to enter into the unknown anywhere in the world these days, but for Uganda’s case the mantle is tilted the other way round as you will concur with me that this country is generally peaceful and hospital.

So when you’re in towns, like Masaka, Jinja or Fort portal use the public transport system, get a cab or hire a car. If you’re staying for a spell, you could do worse than buy a car – and sell it at journey’s end. Each city has a vibrant tourism centre which can advise you on day tours, bus routes to and from your hotel, and discounts where available.

The bus services between various towns are excellent, and so are the roads. And the backpackers’ delight is a convenient, value-for-money, hop-on hop-off door-to-door bus service to just about every backpacker’s lodge in East Africa.

So now this brings us to the big question of Where to stay when in Uganda if at all you have decided to visit this pearl of Africa. The good news is that there are backpackers’ lodges galore in Uganda and you can book ahead by contacting Backpacking Uganda. The other good news is that backpacker bed rates are astoundingly cheap in this country.

And once you’re staying at a backpacker’s, you can plug in to the local travelling network and find out all kinds of great things, like where to eat for next to nothing, or party until dawn, or find a long-lost friend. You’re in a well-run over landing subculture here, so enjoy it.

Your choice of where to stay depends on what you want out of the trip. Uganda is highly endowed with a lot of natural resources especially with wildlife and primates. So whichever region you would like to traverse in this country, you will definitely find a back packer residence or its equivalent.

Within hours of your arrival, you’re going to discover that Uganda is a great, heaving melting pot of cultures, colours, languages and traditions. And Ugandans are very proud of their diversity. Your pocketbook guides will tell you about us, and how to behave around us. But, like most places, if you’re friendly and polite with the people you meet, chances are you’ll be met with twice the warmth.

So prepare to spend time with any tour guide around the fire at night, wake up at dawn and go on a game drive with a ranger who speaks in your dialect, be served some exotic local dish by a beautiful and hospitable native waitress and you will really live to remember this great day and experience of a life time.

Uganda is where you can go for both bungee jumping and kayaking on the source of the Nile. There’s also another level of outdoor activities that includes bicycle riding, wildlife game drives, chimpanzee tracking, gorilla trekking and mountain climbing. After Enjoying these best Travel Activities Entebbe Airport Hotels is the Best Hotel Booking agent in entebbe to find an ideal Hotel to relax at . Contact Them Via:info@entebbeairporthotels.com