What to Take Note while going for Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Rwanda is also called the land of 1000 Hills that is located in the Central Part of Africa but belongs to the East African Community and so travelers here enjoy the previllage of the East African Tourists Visa.

Looking for Gorilla Safari Holiday? Rwanda Ranks the best for Gorilla Trekking and Undertaking a Rwanda Safari is the best Option to Encounter the Mountain Gorillas in the Wild. Gorilla Expeditions brings to you a complete Guide of what to bring while on Gorilla Safari in Rwanda.

Be honest about your fitness level! If you pick a difficult trek such as Susa Group and you are not in good shape, your experience will be horrible for you .On your trek day arrive to the RDB Kinigi office for registration as early as possible. The information sheet tells you 7 am.

Your hike will begin at one of the Volcanoes National Park Entrances located minutes away from RDB. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is required to get to one of the entrances. Your entrance will be determined by your family assignment and your guide will let you know which entrance to meet him/her.

What to Wear/Bring:

Hiking shoes are preferable because the mountains can get rain at any time during the wet or dry season causing for more dangerous terrain.

Long pants are a must.

During warmer seasons bring a long sleeved light shirt to help protect you from the nettles. In the colder/wetter seasons bring a jacket or rain gear. If you have sensitive skin or issues similar make sure to cover all exposed skin.

You can wear hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Patience, a great attitude and respect for your guide, trackers, fellow trekkers and the gorillas. Remember you are not the only one in the group, and you are entering the gorilla’s home don’t be a jerk. Listen to the guides and trackers at all times!

Bring water with you! There are plenty of places to purchase water and snacks in Musanze or before your reach the Kinigi office.

Go with Camera, extra battery and memory cards.

Porters are available to carry your items for about 15 USD. If you have more than an average backpack plan on paying more. If you need a porter, ask your guide to assist.

Take the time to enjoy the view as you hike up the volcano. Part of the fun is the journey and some of the views are breathtaking.

Just before approaching the gorilla’s location the guide and trackers will secure an area where you will leave your packs, personal items and walking sticks. You and your camera are only allowed to continue to the viewing location. This will be your last chance to snack, drink.

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